Kind words from happy clients…


“I love working with Madeleine! She’s dedicated, fun and focused. She truly listens, she allows for my ‘entrepreneurial creativity’ (read - lots of thoughts and ideas all bouncing around madly and at once!) and brings clarity and ease. And it’s amazing how fast she writes copy - taking my jumbled words and making them sing on the page.”

Kate Gerry, (Website copy, Newsletter)


“I had plenty of ideas, but I had never had to compose them in the form of a sales page, or think about how I “serve” others…well, I probably should have thought of that, but I hadn’t. So I had need of outside ears and a perspective, as well as her experience formatting the information as a kind of journey.

I’m a writer and I knew if I struggled with it long enough I’d come up with something. But at least once, I wanted to have that professional perspective, to reorient my thinking. It was really helpful to see my words and my thoughts formatted in a way that asks and answers questions from potential clients. Talking to Madeleine on Skype was awesome. I really just had so many thoughts in that format – I know I’m going to discover all kinds of ideas, not only for these pages, but for blog posts and other content in them. I have a much higher level of confidence and clarity for me about what my message is and what I’m proposing to do.”

Jessica Abel, (Website copy)


“As Community & Content Support for You Inspire Me, Madeleine’s communications with clients were compassionate, empathetic, calm, heart-to-heart, and helpful. Her idea for a series of interviews with members of our community – Taking The Leap – led to blog posts with the highest engagement I’d seen. But the best part of working with Madeleine was knowing she genuinely cared… she had my back. It felt like a heart alliance. During our time working together I saw increased participant number on courses leading to increased revenue; increased list subscribers; and experienced increased peace for myself.”

Corrina Gordon-Barnes, Founder, Corrina Gordon-Barnes (Community & Content Support)


“I’d been blogging for a while but I’d hit a wall. With my business growing fast I was becoming paralysed by perfectionism; I felt totally stuck with writing.

Having a blog ready to go each week saved me soooo much time and stress. Madeleine totally captured my voice and I loved her ideas for topics and the clear and organised way she works.

The result? More comments, more clients, more business. Madeleine empowered me to rediscover my own writing mojo, and gave my blog the pro boost it needed to start really working for my business.”

Jenny Hume, Webtech Wonder Woman (Blog writing)


“I knew I needed help with writing copy for my site, as English is not my first language. When we first started I was nervous about the tight deadline I was working to, and unsure whether we’d experience confusion lining up our different timezones (Madeleine’s in Portugal and I’m in Greece). But our meetings on Skype were relaxing, easy and clear. Madeleine showed up ready to listen, smiling and empathetic. She never made me feel uncomfortable about my language skills and always supported me instead. And as soon as I saw the first draft, I thought “she’s got it!”.

There were so many benefits of working together; the process was so much quicker. Madeleine did the job I couldn’t do for my website, and she did it beautifully.”

Chiara Feggi, (Website copy)


“I needed someone to transform my vision into written language to allow me to spread my message and ease my business load. Someone who would be able to communicate with my clients and prospects in an inspiring and easy way. I love Madeleine’s gentle way of communication, her ability to ask the right clarifying questions, and the way she’s able to sift through many words and extract the essence. She’s flexible and organised. I love her personality, her gentleness, her punctuality, and the ease of working with her. Madeleine is a treasure to be discovered and appreciated. ”

Olga Pavlova, Feel Good For Life Coaching (Website copy, Blogs)


“I wanted my copy to reflect more authentically who I am and what I offer, and to make it more effective as a marketing tool that would resonate with to my potential tribe. I was struggling with confidence in my own ability and with that came procrastination about moving forward. Madeleine’s communication style is wonderful: open, honest, non-judgemental and really having my best interest at heart. I feel a lot better about my copy now. I realised that I have more ability than I thought and her way of handling the process enabled me to discover that in a beneficial and supportive way.”

Liz Norris, Family Frameworks (Website copy)


“I love the way Madeleine writes: with all 5 senses! When I saw the copy, I was so touched there were tears running down my cheeks. She completely understood what I wanted to convey (even though I didn’t know what I wanted to say). Somehow, she caught the message from my unconscious.”

Lea Holzer, LEAsHeartART (Website copy)


“Madeleine has a rare talent for copywriting; her copy is compelling. It draws you in and holds your attention until the very last full stop. And the messaging is always clear… she captured the voice of my brand.”

Rachel Bicker, MD and Lead Coach, Hello Potential (Blog writing, editing and content support)


“My first impression? Wow - it’s as if Madeleine has stepped into my mind, she really speaks my language! We have a great openness in communication; and if something needs tweaking we are always able to discuss it. Working with Madeleine feels expansive, exciting, and fully in alignment. “

Allison Marlowe, Global Winning Women (Content & Community Support)


“I didn’t believe that I could really write the way I wanted to write without additional input. I was feeling uncertain about my business and my tribe, and wanting some support beyond writing. Accountability and deadlines are important to me too - I know that I work better with a little pressure in that regard. It was a relief having someone on my side, supporting me in what I was trying to do, and experiencing the kind support and accountability. Madeleine is a highly intelligent, sympathetic, invisible writer – it’s still my voice, even after she’s edited it. Together we created a regular calendar of blog writing, and I committed to it.”

Ellie Coats, Yogis In The Landscape (Website Copy & Blog Editing)

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