Are you…

  • Excited about the big vision that’s pulling you forward?
  • Clear on how you work best and the kind of people you love to work with?
  • Ready to delegate some of the writing that’s currently on your to-do list (but only to the right person)?
  • Looking for expert help to make sure the words you’re using are fully optimized?
  • Committed to having a positive impact on the world as well as creating big profits?

I work with ambitious business owners to amplify messages that move people to action

I’ll make sure your website and email copy is fresh, engaging and aligned with your values.

Most importantly, I’ll help you come up with a clear strategy that converts into clients who can’t wait to work with you.

I only work with a few entrepreneurs at a time; the difference they see in their business tends to lead to long term relationships.

If you’re curious about what a professional writer could do to help your work grow, I’d love to talk through your needs.

Drop me a line and I’ll be in touch to arrange a free chat, so you can see if I’d be a fit for your business.


Do you have any examples of your work?

Sure. Click here to read testimonials from my gorgeous clients (and click through to their websites to take a gander at the kind of stuff we’ve created). I’m happy to send samples of specific types of projects on request.

Do I get to give you feedback on your work?

Most definitely. Revisions are a vital part of any writer’s process. I like to share first drafts as early as possible so that you get plenty of input into your business copy. You can let me know what you think by commenting directly on the document, via email or over Skype. The longer we work together, the less you’ll find we need to tweak, as I get into your groove and we start creating results.

Are we in the same timezone?

If you live in the UK, yes. Portugal is in the same timezone as London and Dublin. But my clients come from all over the world: the US, Switzerland, the USA, Greece… and I’m always happy to add to that list :)

Is it true that you live in a cave in the mountains?

Kind of. I live in an earthbag house on a little farm that’s totally offgrid, which means Skypes are occasionally punctuated by chicken clucks and dog barks. My work is solar powered and I’m fuelled by local veg and free range eggs. Rest assured my wi-fi is rock solid, and the quiet allows me to do my very best focused writing, so overall it’s a win for living in the middle of nowhere!

Does hiring a copywriter mean I suck at writing?

No! If you can talk, you can write – if you tell clients your story, send emails that get amazing responses, and have a website you’ve poured time and love into, then you’re a writer. If you’re not 100% confident in your writing ability, you probably just need one of the following: accountability, a clear strategy, a brilliant editor or someone to turn the ideas in your head into words on the page. It would be my honour to help you with any – or all – of those.

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