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I'm clumsy writing this, because until this time my life's felt neatly compartmentalised.

Depending on how we met, I might tell you that I live on an off-grid smallholding in Central Portugal. That we're in the early stages of our farming project; I'm figuring out how to implement rotational grazing with our goats and get my beans to grow better.

Or I might introduce myself as a marketing strategist and copywriter. I’ve worked in digital marketing since 2013. In that time I’ve coordinated online communities; composed copy, content and marketing strategy; launched memberships and planned email sequences.

Perhaps you know me as a writer, someone who shares stories from the land, watches seasons change, weaves words to mark the turning of the year.

Or a mum, or a dancer, or a cook, or an immigrant, or a starter of Whatsapp groups or an overenthusiastic audience member or anxious party guest, or, or...

So many identities. All of them true. And now, I've a feeling of many sides of myself coalescing into something new.

I'm having the same conversations, about change, about trauma, about resilience and stress and upheaval and joy and connection and integrity - whether it's zoom calls with leadership coaches or mulching the garden with our summer volunteers.

Nothing's clear any more. Nothing stays in its boxes. The world is turbulent, the shifts are both sudden and constant, the networks we need feel more precious and fragile than ever.

But here's something I know: running away from change doesn't work.

Instead, I'm sinking into it.

Letting myself fall, deliciously, into the confusion and the chaos; granting permission to the part of me that's ready to walk into the forest, see what mysteries lie in there, and find out if I might stumble on a new path.

If you're looking for answers, need expert guidance, or crave solid ground beneath your feet... this might not be the story you're looking for.

But if you're ready to leave the bright lights of the village behind and discover what's waiting through the trees - come with me! Keep me company on the journey, and let me tell you what I find.